What Type of Wood Is Used for Flooring?

What Type of Wood Is Used for Flooring

You have a lot of options when it comes to your hardwood flooring. There are a lot of wood types you can choose and a lot of it comes down to personal preference. There are a lot of stylish options that are simple to maintain and look great. If you are looking for top-quality hardwood flooring in Sussex County, Delaware, you can count on Kevertin Flooring Enterprises. We offer high-quality hardwood floor installation. In today’s post, we will discuss some of the wood types that can be used in flooring. Read on to learn more and book an appointment today!

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Oak is one of the most common woods to be used in flooring. It is highly resistant to knicks and scratches and will last a long time without too much upkeep. It is truly a material of luxury and a great choice for flooring in any room.

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Cherry Wood

Cherry is also a very common choice for hardwood flooring. It can darken with age so it is not for everyone, but it provides a nice, neat look. However, cherry is very susceptible to scratches so it may not be the best fit for homes with pets.

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Maple is a super strong wood and a popular choice for hardwood floors. Its pattern gives it a very attractive look in any room, and it is very durable and resistant to a lot of types of weather. Maple is a great choice for floors if you want a stylish look that will last.

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Pine is a softer and more affordable option for hardwood. It is relatively durable and does not require much maintenance so it can be a very good option.

If you’re looking for hardwood flooring installation in Sussex County, Delaware, you can count on Kevertin Flooring Enterprises. We work hard to ensure you have the floors you deserve. Contact us today!

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