Vinyl Flooring vs. Traditional Hardwood

Vinyl Flooring vs. Traditional Hardwood

When it comes to choosing a flooring type for your home, you have many different options for creating a look that you love and that will stand the test of time. At Kevertin Flooring, we’re proud to offer high-quality options in both traditional hardwood flooring as well as luxury vinyl plank flooring. But which is the better option for your home? Keep reading to learn more about vinyl flooring vs. traditional hardwood flooring and contact us today to get started with your choice!

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Price Point

One of the most common reasons homeowners choose luxury vinyl plank flooring over traditional hardwood flooring is the price point. Because vinyl is easier to manufacture and install, it’s a smaller investment to make compared to traditional hardwood flooring. However, though hardwood flooring can cost more upfront, it can have a higher return on investment by adding more value to your home.

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Cleaning and Upkeep

Hardwood flooring and luxury vinyl plank flooring options are both relatively low-maintenance as far as flooring options go, but in different ways. Vinyl flooring is easy to mop, dust, and vacuum while hardwood flooring should be treated with a little more care to ensure that the sealant stays intact for years to come. As far as maintenance, hardwood flooring can be lower cost because it lasts for longer before needing any repair, refinishing, or replacement planks.

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Both options are durable, but in the same fashion as the maintenance requirements, they are durable in different ways. Vinyl plank flooring can be more easily scratched, scuffed, or stained than hardwood can, but is easier to replace. Hardwood flooring is very durable and resistant to damage, but will need refinishing after years of wear and tear build up.

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One of the most attractive features of hardwood flooring for many homeowners is how versatile hardwood flooring can be, style-wise. From parquet flooring to a wide variety of color options, hardwood floors can create the aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of! Vinyl flooring is also versatile in color and style, and can come in more shapes and designs than simple planks.

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