The Importance of Seamless Floor Transitions

The Importance of Seamless Floor Transitions

One aspect of installing brand new residential flooring, or refurbishing old flooring, is making sure it seamlessly blends in with the existing aesthetic. Kevertin Flooring Enterprises is a local, family-owned flooring store in Sussex County, Delaware, that’s passionate about ensuring one room’s design transitions well to another room. In our efforts to provide customized, durable, and beautiful flooring materials to our clients, we also engineer floor transitions for your home’s beauty and safety. Learn more about how we fabricate floor transitions and get in touch with Kevertin Flooring Enterprises today!

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Creates a Cohesive Design

You may love the hardwood in your kitchen, but want your living room to have a different vinyl flooring design. Kevertin Flooring Enterprises can help make this dream a reality by not only installing this flooring, but making sure one room’s aesthetic easily transitions to another. Our flooring company near Sussex County, Delaware, will take great care in creating a professional, modern barrier between one type of flooring and another. Let Kevertin Flooring Enterprises help you create the perfect interior design for every room in your home!

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Prevents Tripping Hazards

Whether a ledge separates two different rooms in your home, or the angle of the flooring is slightly off, Kevertin Flooring Enterprises can ensure all tripping hazards are mitigated. Our team can fabricate a flooring transition that maintains the quality and aesthetic of the room, while also safely introducing a new room or flooring type. The keen attention to detail our flooring store near Sussex County, brings to every project can catch all possibilities of sagging or tripping.

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Accommodates Every Room Type

Because each home is unique, there can be several transitional designs from one room to another. A step or two may lie in between your kitchen and living room, or maybe a ramp or archway. No matter the situation, Kevertin flooring near Sussex County, Delaware, can accommodate transitions of any type. If your existing flooring stops at an irregular place, we can create a solution that fits in aesthetically and prevent any other issues from arising.

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Choose Kevertin Flooring in Sussex County, Delaware

Kevertin Flooring Enterprises is a family-owned flooring company near Sussex County, Delaware, having served the area since 1974. While our bread and butter lies in refinishing existing floors and installing new flooring, we can also fabricate transition solutions between two different areas of your home. Let us help you keep one room’s design separate from another room’s design with our hardwood, vinyl, and other options.

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