Preparing Your Home for Hardwood Floor Installation

Installing a brand new hardwood floor in your home is a big deal that requires a lot of prep work. It is a massive change to your home that requires you to shuffle many of your objects around. At Kevertin Flooring Enterprises, we understand the struggle. Here are some tips to help you best prepare for such a large-scale project in your home.


Remove Your Furniture

Sometimes, you have to move some things around in order to get to something good. But, there really is no way to install a new floor around existing furniture. Make sure you have somewhere planned out to send your home furniture accessories while the project takes place.


Cover Your Appliances

Installing floors can be a messy business. Between tearing up existing carpet or flooring and the actual installation, the interior of your home can briefly look like a construction zone, which comes with the potential for a bit of a mess. Cover up important objects, and table tops with plastic to ensure that nothing important is damaged in the process.


Prepare for Dust

Once again, floor installation can turn into a messy situation pretty quickly. It comes with the territory. You’ll want to seal off rooms where construction won’t be taking place, for one. It’s also probably in your best interest to cover any heating ducts in the area so that dust can’t escape to the rest of your home. Overall, it is important to understand that dust can find its way into even the strangest of places – so, block off all sections of your house accordingly.


Designate an Area for Woodcutting

With so many moving parts involved in the installation of a new floor, the situation can get pretty hectic, pretty quickly. Designating a specific area for workers to cut wood and store their tools will make an already disruptive process a little easier to handle. It can also contribute to a safer general environment during the process.

We know that floor installation can be a taxing project. If your service provider is unreliable, unresponsive, or just plain slow, it can cause a serious interruption in your home. Taking a few steps to prep your home for the project can make things immensely easier for you and your family.

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