How to Treat Hardwood Floors After Water Damage

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How to Treat Hardwood Floors After Water Damage

Hardwood flooring is popular among homeowners since it is stylish and easier to keep clean than carpets. But one of its major disadvantages is that even a small amount of water could cause a great deal of damage to it. Listed below are some effective ways that we at Kevertin Flooring Enterprises suggest to treat water damage to your hardwood floors.


Remove Water from the Surface

This is the first step in treating the damage to hardwood floors. A good vacuum could be a useful tool in pulling out water quickly, especially if it has a wet mode setting. By using a wide floor attachment to the vacuum, the process could be made faster and more effective.


Get Rid of Moldy Areas

In order to treat mold, a mild detergent and an appropriate disinfectant would be needed to properly clean the floor. In a bucket of warm, clean water, combine the detergent and disinfectant and whisk to produce a uniform mixture. Scrub the entire surface of the floor, along with any woodwork with the help of a firm brush. It is important to keep water usage to a minimum, so not dumping any on the floor is essential.


Dry the Floor Thoroughly

Once your floor is clean, make sure to dry it thoroughly. Allow your floor to dry naturally by opening windows and doors, or use fans to dry the floor faster. Cross-ventilation is very useful as your floor will dry faster. Remember not to add heat to the wood or dry it too quickly as it can further damage the wood.


Sand the Flooring

Cupping can occur after your floor is completely dry and the wood can become concave or convex. In this case, heavy sanding should be done using an orbital sander. Wood that is severely cupped cannot be sanded down. If the floorboard is lifted off completely from either end, it can be nailed down to keep it in place. If your floors are badly damaged, you may need to refinish your hardwood floors.

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